November 18th, 2019– What My Day Is Looking Like

What My Day is Looking Like

It’s Saturday and the store will be open so I’ll be sticking close to it for the morning but I still have a lot done.  By 7 I had a fire going and a pot of chili cooking for the day. I started soaking the beans Thursday, a longer soak lets them start to ferment which releases all sorts of nutritional goodness.  And Tom remembered to let the garlic sit for at least 10 minutes after chopping before it was added to the pot, more nutritional voodoo. I’ve been reading a lot about nutrition lately but could not name one actual thing this does except keep me alive and kicking for a few more decades.  

Next up I’ll start a batch of bread to rise.  I’ve been leaving the bowl covered with a clean towel and not washing it to get a sourdough effect.  This time I left in a bit of dough and fed it with some water and flour so I should have a true sourdough starter.  More fermentation and more nutritional alchemy.

While the bread is rising I have 2 more sets of produce bags to finish sewing.  When we planned and cut them out we started to make them set sizes but discovered that would leave scraps of fabric too small to do much with and a waste.  So we adjusted the bags to make the best use of the piece of fabric they were cut from, less homogenous but a better use of the resource. Watch for produce bags to go on sale during our Twelve Days of Christmas sales.  Make your white Christmas a bit greener.

Kyle will be here this morning to work in the shop along with me and plan our upcoming specials.  When she’s done I’ll have my marching orders for the week and a plan for the rest of October and probably until the end of the year.

We had an inch of rain yesterday so fence post hole digging will be on hold for a day or two but we can still remove the old barbed wire we’re replacing, pull old fence posts and fill in the new ones.  I hope to finish the stretch of fence we’re working on by the next weekend. Weather permitting.

What do you have plans for?  Candy


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