January 20th, 2020- Ice Age, the Second Glaciers

Ice Age, the second glaciers Our predicted ice storm fizzled out into torrents of rain that left everything under water.  Hauling hay has been an exercise in finding a fairly dry place along the fence, dumping a bale over with the Bobcat and backing out quickly before the Bobcat gets buried up to the axles.  … Continue reading January 20th, 2020- Ice Age, the Second Glaciers

January 13th, 2019 — Ice Age

Ice Age I’m writing a day early, while we still have power.  Tomorrow, my usual day may be too late. Or maybe not, the American and European models couldn’t agree on the storm’s path so I still don’t know if we’ll be just Biblical amounts of rain, enough ice to down any power line or… Continue reading January 13th, 2019 — Ice Age

December 23rd, 2019– Wrapping Up a Green Christmas

Wrapping Up a Green Christmas I am done for Christmas preps.  Done with planning, shopping, buying and wrapping.  Wrapping is the easiest part because of what we did years ago to simplify things. I had one of those lightbulb moments that come along all too rarely for me.  I was tired of spending money on… Continue reading December 23rd, 2019– Wrapping Up a Green Christmas

December 9th, 2019– Diversity

Diversity There was a story from ABC news this morning on my news feed about the alarming loss of genetic diversity in farm animals.  Australia is particularly hard hit. Their inability to import new pig genetics for example means they have to keep their existing breeds viable because once they lose something it’s gone for… Continue reading December 9th, 2019– Diversity

November 25th, 2019 — Our Local Thanksgiving

Our Local Thanksgiving We’re big on local; shopping local, eating local and making the holiday local.  This year we’ll start with the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving, the turkey. Our turkeys’ are grown by Kyle’s co-worker, Pete.  Pete’s turkeys are so fabulously delicious, flavorful and moist that after having one you’ll want to march back to… Continue reading November 25th, 2019 — Our Local Thanksgiving