November 25th, 2019 — Our Local Thanksgiving

Our Local Thanksgiving

We’re big on local; shopping local, eating local and making the holiday local.  This year we’ll start with the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving, the turkey. Our turkeys’ are grown by Kyle’s co-worker, Pete.  Pete’s turkeys are so fabulously delicious, flavorful and moist that after having one you’ll want to march back to the grocery store and demand a refund for every dry, tasteless turkey you’ve ever endured.

Filling in around the turkey will be potatoes from our garden, the last of this year’s carrots, and home made bread from flour bought from our local Amish bulk store.  Sourdough this year, I’ve gotten tired of paying $5 for a jar of yeast and I’ve made a starter. The starter went in this morning’s pancakes too and I’m planning on crackers later this week when I find a recipe that looks doable.  Parsley and sage for the dressing are right outside the door and I have homemade chicken broth to finish off the dressing.

What you won’t see on the table this year is our traditional green salad.  I keep seeing recalls of lettuce and the latest is just a best guess on the source of the salmonella contaminants.  Another good reason to keep our holidays and the rest of our meals as local as possible.

After Thanksgiving instead of hitting the over crowded malls and the shopping feeding frenzy we’ll be doing farm chores, it’s time for the bull and his steer buddies to come and live in their own bachelor quarters until next year.  Once that’s done Kyle and I will be packing up the shop to take to the Small Shop Saturday at the Union City Library, from 9 to noon we’ll be there with the spinning wheel demonstrating spinning wool and selling things we’ve made from our wooly bits and our imagination.  Stop by and see us, we’re offering free green gift wrapping along with other green gifts. One of a kind items that are good for the environment.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Wishing you safe travels and a day spent with friends, family and good food, Candy

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