January 17th — I’m Marieing It

I’m Marieing It

Marie is now a verb in our house.  As in, “I Maried a drawer today.” We started watching Tidying Up on Netflex and wound up binge watching.  It is so incredibly restful watching Marie Kondo waging war on mess and clutter that you can’t help but watch.

Crying babies fall asleep when she introduces herself to the house she’s working in, tension drains out of her clients, after a few minutes of quiet meditation they look lighter and less stressed.

To learn more we checked out her two books from the library.  And then we put her to work. I didn’t haul all my clothes out and pile them on the bed.  I have few enough that they’re in one closet, the doors will shut and I can see everything hanging up.  My drawers aren’t exploding and impossible to close because I can’t bear to part with an item that quit fitting years ago. My clothes are all in my dresser, I haven’t had to steal space from somewhere else for overflow.

But I did empty one drawer at a time, fold everything her way and as I mindlessly folded I’d realize every now and then that the item I had in my hands was something I’d never liked.  So I thanked it and put it in the basket to take to Caring and Sharing.

When I came across my favorite jeans that were not repairable I cut off a leg to use for patching other jeans, thanked them and threw them away with no regrets.  This is what happens to most of my clothes, they wear out before they become dangerously unstylish or quit fitting.

The hanging shoe organizer where I keep my jeans is now sorted by work jeans, dress jeans, dress pants and sweats and there is room left over.  Not something I had before and I can now see every pair I own.

Dresser drawers are a miracle of tidy and there is room to breathe.  And I can see every shirt I own without rifling through piles of clothes.  The drawers will stay a model of neatness when I can’t decide to wear the green shirt or the blue to clean out the barn.

Our kitchen was already pretty tidy, we have bins in every drawer to keep tools separated and easy to find.  I can find a spatula or potato masher with my eyes shut. I like to think Marie would be proud of our kitchen drawers.

We’re still a work in progress, it’s a yucky freezing rain sort of a day and cutting firewood has no appeal so we’ll start in on Tom’s clothes and Marie a drawer or two before lunch.

So, if it’s a rainy day and you can’t go out and play why not Marie a drawer or two?  Candy

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