October 14th, 2019- Why are you a Farmer?

What is my why? Why do I work long hours at two different jobs to make ends meet? I know it would be easier to have a 9-5 job with steady pay and benefits. To not have to work out in all weather, putting the needs of the animals in your care before your own… Continue reading October 14th, 2019- Why are you a Farmer?


September 3rd, 2019 — Instant Pasure

Instant Pasture Instant Pasture!  Just add water and watch your cows grow!  Fun for the entire family! These are ads you never see on late night TV but think how great they’d be! We’re almost there, the final t-post clip has been twisted around the fence.  Yesterday we hung a 16 foot gate, dug the… Continue reading September 3rd, 2019 — Instant Pasure