December 30th, 2019– After Christmas

After Christmas The gift wrapping bags are all folded and stored for next year, the stockings have been emptied and I’ve packed all the food goodies away in a basket where I can’t see them so I can make them last and the pounds not gather on my hips. This morning I cleaned the chicken… Continue reading December 30th, 2019– After Christmas


December 23rd, 2019– Wrapping Up a Green Christmas

Wrapping Up a Green Christmas I am done for Christmas preps.  Done with planning, shopping, buying and wrapping.  Wrapping is the easiest part because of what we did years ago to simplify things. I had one of those lightbulb moments that come along all too rarely for me.  I was tired of spending money on… Continue reading December 23rd, 2019– Wrapping Up a Green Christmas