January 20th, 2020- Ice Age, the Second Glaciers

Ice Age, the second glaciers

Our predicted ice storm fizzled out into torrents of rain that left everything under water.  Hauling hay has been an exercise in finding a fairly dry place along the fence, dumping a bale over with the Bobcat and backing out quickly before the Bobcat gets buried up to the axles.  

Now the weather is talking about a new storm this weekend, 6 or so inches of snow, a period of rain that will melt half of it and forming a layer of ice, followed by more snow.  

So, more weather preps for us.  This is Thursday and we both looked at the hay situation and the ground firmness.  We decided the cows have enough hay after eating all day that they can clean up overnight.  In the morning the ground will have another 12 hours to work on freezing hard and we can hitch the hay wagon to the truck and haul out 6 large round bales of hay.  Enough to last the cows until Monday.

We won’t have to make the frenzied dash to the grocery store for bread and milk.  Fridge is stocked, I bake our bread and we always have some shelf stable milk stashed for emergencies.

Not weather related but something for the shop.  This morning I worked on the start of dryer balls.  I haven’t made any because they require a dryer to felt up, we hang our laundry to dry and haven’t owned a dryer since we moved here 9 years ago.  But Kyle has one so I did my part, now she can run a pair of panty hose stuffed with tennis ball sized wool balls through the wash and dry cycles until they’re all felted and stable enough to come out of the panty hose and help clothes dry faster by fluffing them up during the dry cycle.  

She’s also busy completely overhauling our website and all it can do.  Every day she What’s App’s me with an update of what we’ll be able to offer customers with the new website platform.  I’m excited about the possibilities.  

Weather update:  We hauled 3000 pounds, that’s a ton and a half of hay to the cows Friday.  We picked a spot between and hill and a long line of brush so they’ll have a place to be out of the wind.  It’s supposed to start from one direction and turn to the opposite. Then the bull and his bachelor buddies got 1500 pounds of hay.  Enough to last them a week or so.

Willow Farm in Homer Michigan Grassfed beef.

We had the first round of snow, not as much as the weather predicted and it’s been sliding off the roof with a loud bang all day.  Rain has passed with us keeping power and now it’s snowing again. Hopefully this will be on the short side of predictions.

Putting the storm to bed:  we kept power, roads weren’t too bad and we’re all set for the next storm to hit this week.  Too soon for snowfall predictions but I still have a stack of library books, just in case.

What do you have to do to get ready for the next storm?  Candy


1 thought on “January 20th, 2020- Ice Age, the Second Glaciers”

  1. so glad you were NOT buried in snow – although I do hear you re the MUD and waiting overnight for the ground to freeze!! says the new mom of Cupcake’s fleeces … which I ADORE. Thank you!!


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