January 13th, 2019 — Ice Age

Ice Age

I’m writing a day early, while we still have power.  Tomorrow, my usual day may be too late. Or maybe not, the American and European models couldn’t agree on the storm’s path so I still don’t know if we’ll be just Biblical amounts of rain, enough ice to down any power line or maybe some snow in there.

We’ve done what we could to lessen the effects of the storm.  Larder is full, yesterday I baked bread and made BBQ pulled pork for sandwiches.  Something easy to heat on the woodstove. I washed clothes and ran one last load of dishes in the dishwasher, after this I’ll wash them by hand after every meal so we don’t have a mess of dirty dishes and no way to wash them unless I put them out under the downspouts.  I don’t think so.

All the animals are tucked away, I checked the dog house (actually a calf hut but when your dog is the size of a box car you have to improvise) and his bedding was above the high water mark.  Sheep chose to stay in the barn for their hay and I can’t blame them. The chickens I left in for the day, we have a sick hen who is just starting to be able to get about, I don’t want her to wander out of the coop, fall in a puddle and not be able to get herself back in where it’s dry.  The cows have plenty of old hay piles up on the hill where they can lay up out of the mud for napping and cud chewing. And Professor, the barn cat has no intention of leaving the barn any time soon. He greeted me at the door howling for breakfast even though it was barely light and I was early.  I went out to do chores in between deluges.

Tom is at Tiller’s International this weekend taking the blacksmith course he got for Christmas,  I asked him what he wanted to make and he hadn’t decided yet. I’m thinking a custom made set of fireplace tools would look fabulous next to the woodstove.

Leaving the chickens in for the day has another advantage, tonight when I do chores I can wait for favorable weather and not near dark when the hens will have put themselves in the coop.  Gathering hens who are not ready to go to bed is like herding cats. And if I’m a bit early and we don’t have power I’ll still have plenty of light to see by, I hate doing chores with a flashlight.

I have a day planned of binge watching TV as long as we have power and a stack of books for if we don’t.  What storm plans have you made? Candy


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