January 6th, 2020


Things have been slow so far this winter and I am not complaining.  Warm weather means mud and mud means we can’t drive out in the fields to cut wood unless we want to leave big ruts, which we don’t.  But the wood shed is still pretty full so we can wait until colder weather and cut wood like crazy then and refill. We have an eye on a fallen tree to cut up but it was still alive when it fell in a storm so we’ll let it season where it lies, and at the end of winter cut, split and stack it undercover to finish drying for next year.

Hauling hay has been tricky as well, we take it out first thing in the morning when things are as cold as they’re going to get for the day and try not to mess the ground up too much.

So what have we been doing with all our free time?  Yesterday it was slipcovers. Kyle and Josh are the proud owners of Josh’s grandfather’s sofa.  It’s in solid shape but covered in a 1980’s era floral that just doesn’t fit in with their decor, taste, style…

A work in progress

A book on making slipcovers found at a library book sale inspired us to try to recover the sofa.  Not that either of us read the book after Kyle bought it, we thought having directions would just confuse us.

Kyle took big advantage of drop cloths sold at your neighborhood big box store to make a houseful of curtains, recover the glider rocker she got at an estate sale, make pillow backs, I think she’s covered everything but the cat with them.

Recovered glider rocker and ottoman

What’s not to love about drop cloths?  They’re a linen/cotton blend, machine washable, come in wide widths and various sizes and best of all-are cheap!  

Kyle picked up the biggest size and added the large scraps leftover from other projects.  First up was buying zippers and covering the seat cushions. Once she had that done I had no excuse not to dive in to slipcovering.  We draped, discussed, pinned and cut, uncovered an IKEA chair to see if the curved arm could be used as a template. In the end we used an actual dinner plate to draw out the arm portion of the cover.

Nearly finished!

A couple of hours of labor, generously sprinkled with essential oils to keep me from hyperventilating over cutting up such a big piece of fabric and we had the sofa pretty much covered.  A couple of small mistakes need to be resewn, the pleated inserts in the bottom corners are a future afternoons work and it needs to be hemmed all round but I can call my portion of the project done unless Kyle wants cheerleading and some moral support when she puts the finishing touches on.

Essential Oils for the Win!

My next project is to line the bathroom curtains I made from a king sized bed skirt.  It was a couple of bucks at Goodwill, was big enough to cover 2 windows and the color/pattern is exactly what I wanted.  It even had real fabric for the center portion that goes under the mattress instead of that papery fabric stuff they make reusable grocery sacks from.

Maybe by the time I get the curtains finished and rehung it will be cold enough to go back to cutting firewood and I’ll be wishing for mud again.  What are you planning for the next cold spell? Candy


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