December 23rd, 2019– Wrapping Up a Green Christmas

Wrapping Up a Green Christmas

I am done for Christmas preps.  Done with planning, shopping, buying and wrapping.  Wrapping is the easiest part because of what we did years ago to simplify things.

I had one of those lightbulb moments that come along all too rarely for me.  I was tired of spending money on paper, tape, ribbon and time spent wrapping gifts that would be shredded in moments.  And gift bags help but if you’re not careful they get torn, bent and tacky looking. So I bought every remnant of Christmas themed fabric I came across and sewed bags, then I added a length of coordinating ribbon from my stash and I was done.

Wrapping has never been easier, just grab a bag that looks like the right size, stuff in the gift, gather up the top and tie a bow.  The bags are at least 15 years old now, if not more and they still look brand new.

I keep seeing lists of how to wrap up Christmas without buying one use paper and rarely do I see sewn fabric gift bags.  Sewing skills required are minimal, you don’t even need a sewing machine. A pair of scissors, a needle and some thread and you’re good to go.  

Then this year we had to get really creative.  My newly minted son-in-law is interested in wood carving.  To go along with some of his gifts there is a chunk of cherry wood under the tree for him.  How do you wrap a stump? We took a length of burlap and wrapped it around the center, tied a red ribbon around and tucked in a couple of spruce sprigs.  Voila! It looks fabulous and used scraps of things left over from other projects. How much better could it get?

To keep everyone’s gifts separate we use woven willow clothes baskets, one per person and everything stays festive AND tidy.  At least until we open gifts but they’re quickly corralled back in their baskets and you can walk in the living room again.

What tricks do you use to keep Christmas green?  Merry Christmas! Candy

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