November 4th, 2019 — The Orchard

The Orchard

I think we can now call the collection of fruit trees we’ve added to the backyard an orchard.  Saturday we doubled its size when we added two apple trees, two peaches and a pear (again, partridge not included).  We already had two cherry trees, two peaches and a pear, so this adds five new varieties since we only have one of each.  We still need a few more apples, because they’re so wonderfully versatile and to pollinate the Honeycrisp and Fuji we planted.  Apples need another tree to pollinate and they’re very fussy about which variety that needs to be. I’ll have to do some reading to find out what our new apples will insist on adding to the neighborhood.

The cultivated fruit joins the wild raspberries, grapes and the remnants of old orchards we have, a cherry and an apple or two.  We’re very lucky to have so much abundance at our door.

Kyle and I have been busy with Small Shop Saturday coming to the library in Union City November 30th from 9 to 12.  We’re planning on taking everything that doesn’t live in a freezer along with some new things we’re busy making. Tom will be holding down the fort here at the farm so the shop will still be open that day.

My list of projects before snow flies is long and getting longer.  We finished up the fence in the old hay field but we still want to plant corner and brace posts in Kimball.  I want to haul rocks to fill in the low spots in the lane so we can carry hay to the cows when it’s muddy without worrying about getting stuck.  The bees hive needs protection from winter, I want to take down the backyard fence before it all falls down on it’s own. Livestock needs to move to new homes and there’s always firewood.  Firewood could be a list all it’s own. Even if we didn’t heat with wood we’d still be cutting up trees that fall on fences and into fields that need to be planted and harvested.

And that’s just outside.  All the windows need washing and locking up for winter. Every corner of the house could use a good scrubbing, the basement is in serious need of a good tidying up and Tom’s shop looks like a tornado went through.

The only thing I don’t have to rush about is Christmas, except for one gift I need to sew and a few odds and ends I am done with Christmas shopping, crafting, planning, expense and worry.

What things are you checking off your list before snow flies?  Candy


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