October 14th, 2019- Why are you a Farmer?

What is my why?

Why do I work long hours at two different jobs to make ends meet? I know it would be easier to have a 9-5 job with steady pay and benefits.

To not have to work out in all weather, putting the needs of the animals in your care before your own needs.

I know my husband would rest easier knowing I wasn”t out ordering the escaped bull to go back in his own &@#% pasture. (Read that adventure here)

Yes, it would be easier. But my life wouldn’t be near as full and exciting.

Sheep Selfie

So why do I do it?

I want to raise good food that’s good for you. To educate the customer on the difference good food can make in your life.

To leave the earth better than I found it, and to teach others to care for the land in the same way.

The farm I run was abused for many years before we bought it. Now we are seeking to regenerate the land. And with that regeneration comes healthieer soils (to grow food that’s even more nutrient dense), more wildlife, and more resilience to to the whirlwind that Mother Nature throws at us.

That is my why.

To grow good food that’s good for you.

I farm like a girl…Try to keep up


Beef Stir Fry

1 T olive oil

1 lb grass fed ground beef

1 bag California Medley

1 C. bone broth

1 1/2 t. parsley

3/4 t. thyme

1 t. salt

1/2 t. garlic flakes

pepper to taste

1 leaf of kale

1/4 t. turmeric

Add oil to frying pan and heat, add ground beef and brown. Drain.

Add vegetables (except kale), bone broth, and seasonings.

Cover and simmer until vegetables are tender. Chop kale into bite size pieces and cook the last five minutes.

This is a great recipe for using up any extra vegetables in the fridge or garden: greens, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, corn…Really what ever you have and you like.


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