September 30th, 2019 – And Counting Down

And Counting Down

It’s less than a week until our annual Farm Fest and we have been extra busy.  Saturday Tom and I took the broom, pitchfork and wheel barrow to the barn for the first layer.  The garden is benefiting more than my back for that one. Then the leaf blower got the corners and cobwebs.  Finally we powered up the power washer and blasted everywhere. By lunchtime we were nearly half done, my jeans were soaked to the knees and I had manure in my hair.  Again. But the barn is shiny clean and ready for guests.

And we’ve been busy readying new things for the shop, this year we have Christmas houses, lit by a battery tea light (included) they’ll add a bit of holiday anywhere.  And also produce bags, if you’re trying to reduce your plastic use this is an easy starting point. Throw a couple in your resusable shopping bags and you’re ready to save the planet.  We’re bundling them together in multipacks of colorful cotton fabrics sewn with all the seams enclosed so no raveling strings to catch on your fresh produce. And they’ll last for years.

Produce bags in the making

The winter woolies are all unpacked and on display in the shop.  I have a new sweater on the needles I’m making up as I go along, so far I’m using 2 patterns and a universal pattern book for guidance and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, it won’t be ready for Saturday but I have hopes of it being ready by small shop Saturday, with the cooler weather knitting looks like the perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon so I’m looking forward to more time with yarn.

Kyle has the menu set, Tom will be grilling lamb brotts as always, an easy way to see if you like lamb before you commit to putting some in your freezer.  I’m making a huge batch of coleslaw, we have watermelons in our garden, grown organically and Kyle will be baking up several cakes including one from the Weston A. Price cookbook; a great source for nutritiously delicious food.  

We have lots to do yet but so far we’re on target, Wednesday and Mortitia are ready for their close-ups as the featured sheep in “Selfie With a Sheep”.  All this rain is making them sparkle and the grass for their pen grow, grow, grow.

Gotta get some selfie practice in before the big day!

New this year will be Maple Bee Farms with maple syrup, honey and fruit snacks Maria makes.  Stop by and meet Maria and the Schwartzes.

We can’t wait until Saturday, see you then!  Candy


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