September 23rd, 2019 — Gearing Up

Gearing Up

Fall Fest is only two weeks away and we have a lot to do.  The pigs will be moving out of the barn, Tom got out the Bobcat yesterday and Cerin the dog’s metal hut was moved into their pasture.  Metal was the hut of choice because I don’t trust them not to eat his plastic one. Now we can put the bucket on the Bobcat, clean the barn down to cement and then power wash everything sparkling clean for the day.

The garden is winding down and needs to be put to bed until next spring.  Our last trip of metal scrap for the year should be this week. After 8 years I’m still surprised at what turns up in fence rows, this year’s prize is a heavy chunk of plowshare and if we can lift it into the truck we have an entire piece of farm equipment to load and take.  

Friday I took everything apart in the shop and gave all the corners a good deep cleaning and unpacked the sweaters and wooly bits.  We also have a new item, Christmas houses. I love these and have picked out two for our home.

Saturday Kyle and I worked on sewing the large capacity, extra strong tote bags we’ll be giving away with a purchase at Fall Fest.  I have lots more sewing to finish up but we made a good start.

Menu details are still up in the air, but we do know Tom will be grilling lamb brotts for everyone.  If you’ve never had lamb and would like to try some Fall Fest is the perfect way to broaden your culinary horizions.  

Pumpkins will be back again and we have a surprise or two in the works so plan on spending some time with us on October 5th.  Candy

All the Details for Fall Fest


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