September 16th, 2019 — Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

I don’t know the name of this weed, it’s kind of a pretty weed as weeds go.  Nicely shaped, light green leaves. The problem with it lays under the leaves, the burrs.  They’re not soft burrs like burrdock has where you can get one stuck somewhere and pick it out at your leisure.  No, this one has burrs that dry hard and spiky and must have been the inspriation for spike strips and caltrops.  

They grow fairly low to the ground so are easy for the dog to step on and their size and shape makes them hold fast to the fur between the pads and cause instant pain and lameness.  Getting one out requires sharp scissors, a patient dog and some luck if you don’t want to cut the sensitive pads.

Because of this, and since they’re pretty shallow rooted I pull them out whenever I see one.  I did this the other day and then when a fly kept buzzing around my head and face I waved it away with the weed.  Until I waved too close to my head and snagged my hair. And trying to get it out only tangled it further. I had to wait for Tom to walk back to the barn so he could extricate me without scalping.

One with Nature

Our first errand this morning before the shop opens is haircuts, obviously when I become this attuned to nature it’s more than time for a good trim.  And fewer weeds.

What errands are you running today?  Candy

P.S.  Our second annual Fall Fest is fast approaching, stop by to check out the shop, meet the sheep and enjoy some food.  Lunch is on us!


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