September 3rd, 2019 — Instant Pasure

Instant Pasture

Instant Pasture!  Just add water and watch your cows grow!  Fun for the entire family! These are ads you never see on late night TV but think how great they’d be!

We’re almost there, the final t-post clip has been twisted around the fence.  Yesterday we hung a 16 foot gate, dug the post hole and installed the post to fasten it to before the temperature ratcheted up into the 80’s.  I like the 80’s as a decade much more than a temperature range. Last night we sorted, organized, measured and cut a cattle panel to span the gap between end of gate and actual corner, that bit of wiggle room will let us drive farm equipment through the gate without hitting the fence running alongside.

This morning’s work in the cool air will be to cover over the far corner where a huge oak fell, we’ve cut firewood off all the branches that are safe to reach, the rest is above our heads and there’s the enormous trunk to work around.  And it’s still sticking out in our way. Cattle panels and t-posts will fill in nicely. Everyone needs a few cattle panels and t-posts for household emergencies.

All that will be left is to pull a water trough from storage, hook the float up to the hydrant and add cows.  In a week or two the grass will grow over the hose and shade it so the water delivered to the cows will stay cooler.  Putting a float in the trough means the trough fills on demand and no one runs out of water on a hot day.

The younger cows will be heading for this pasture, the grass is waist high right now and if we put the calving cows in we’ll never find the calves.  Moms are pretty good at hiding them behind a blade or two of grass, we can’t let them have walls of vegetation for camouflage.  

What summer projects are you working on?  And will we see them advertised on TV? Candy

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