August 26th, 2019– My 60th Birthday

My 60th Birthday

I had, I think my worst birthday ever.  It started two days before when my 80 year old mum was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and kept overnight.  It continued the next day when she went back to the hospital before she’d been home even half a day. All plans went out the window.  She came home a bit tippy so I spent the night with her to remind her that NO she could not stand up just to see if she would fall over this time.  

My mother snores, quite loudly and talks in her sleep so going to bed early in her efficiency apartment was not going to be an option but there was a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers marathon on AMC so I was set for a while.

At midnight I was snoozing when I turned 60.  At midnight O five the fire alarm went off, even louder than my mother snores.  It did not shut off for 2 hours, the claxon sound was accompanied by a bright strobe light.  A water leak in the kitchen triggered the alarm so no need to rouse my soundly sleeping mother to evacuate but I had to just trust that Fred and Ginger were keeping time to the music.  It was after 3 a.m. before I got back to sleep.

Worked in the shop all morning and in the afternoon we brought all the cows in for routine maintainance.  Or it would have been routine if they could be persuaded to go through the chute. Some only needed to walk through to the other side, some needed a bit of work done but nothing major.  Instead of even thinking about going in they huddled in a Rugby scrum and had to be pushed, pushed and then pushed into the chute. Multiply by 500 to 1500 pounds and 21 head and I took a Tylenol when we were done for the day.

I had manure in my hair, manure splattered in various and assorted other places, was bone tired and had 45 minutes left in my birthday by the time we were done.

Tom claims I can have a do over, I thought I have to wait 364 days before I’d be eligible but he’s making up the rules on this so I’ll go along.

In happier news (for me anyway) it was cool enough in the house to make soup for the first time since spring.  I had a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer so I pulled one out to simmer into chicken stock while I dug up potatoes from the garden.  

The chickens have been scratching the straw mulch covering the potatoes off so I knew right were to dig.  We planted 3 colorful varieties this year and I threw some of each into the pot along with carrots, parsley and rosemary.  Served with leftover biscuits made from scratch we’d had for breakfast and I feel like we feasted with very little effort. Unlike the rest of my week.

How did you spend your last birthday?  Candy


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