August 19th, 2019 — Summer Update, August Edition

Summer Update August Edition

We are done calving!  Ginger had a fine baby girl on Sunday while we were gone.  Not that she needed our help, baby had nursed and was dried off when we got home.  She, her mum and the other calves were curled up in the shade napping. Tom watched my back, one time for Charlotte trying to run me over is enough thank you, and I ear tagged her with a minimum of fuss.  We’ll give Ginger a couple of weeks to rest up from childbirth and then sort out who will be going to live with the bull for a few months and who is too young. We grow out our heifers for an extra year, it adds to their longevity to have that chance to grow.  If you’ve watched Dr. Pol on NatGeo you would get the idea that a vet’s entire day is abscesses and too small heifers trying to birth too large calves. We eliminate that problem with feeding an additional winter’s worth of hay. Cheaper than an emergency vet call and much appreciated by the cow involved I’m sure.  Oh, and we named the calf Snickerdoodle.


The pigs escape attempt has been thwarted by the piece of hog panel over the waterer.  I’m sure they’re still drawing up plans for their next sortie but for now they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be and I’m hoping I can still say that on the day they leave us.

Chicks are getting bigger, I’m eyeing them and considering the calendar.

Kyle’s new ewes, as yet unnamed, have settled in, they’re in Cerin’s winter pen in quarantine.  There’s a sheep sized hut, grass and neighbors on all sides, but no other sheep. They’ve seen pigs for the first time and the cows and calves are surrounding them.

The garden is starting to produce like crazy.  Morning glory, purslane, some grasses. I’m on my second sweep of weeding everything.  I’ve got a start on a corner and after I hit ‘send’ on this I’ll head back out to do battle.  The lilies have emerged and I’m working on the front edge. Radishes and lettuce are visible, the corn and sunflowers are taller than the worst weeds.  Potato’s mulch is still working to suppress weeds. The odd corners are the worst but hopefully will be cleared quickly. I’m collecting cardboard and started the new garden spot in the backyard.  I’ll need lots more cardboard before I have the area covered and working on producing a nice, loose workable soil for next year.

Second cutting hay is being cut, baled and stored.  Better than half of the new hay field is done, the other half is waiting out the rain that’s threatening.  We’ll have plenty for the cows and sheep this winter and some extra to sell. We had a lot of demand for hay right after we’d sent all our surplus to Nebraska to the flooded out farmers this spring.  Our own spring was delayed and grass grew slowly and first cutting hay was later than I’ve ever seen it. This time of year we should be debating a third cutting so we are really late.

Second Cutting Hay

Have you sent Kyle sheep name suggestions?  She’s working on an Outlander theme this year.  Candy


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