June 10th, 2019 — Mending Fences

Mending Fences

Well not mending really, more like starting from scratch.  Although I did pull out a rusty broken off T-post, some even rustier hot wire and Tom snagged an old fiberglass post.

While I was pounding the new T-posts I noticed the things growing in the fencerow.  Standing in one spot I could see several cherries, blackberries, wild roses (for rose hips, a good source of vitamin C), and grapes, alongside lots and lots of oaks that should produce a bumper crop of acorns.  We could fatten a pig or two just on this one fence row. Not to mention all the jams and jellies would could preserve for ourselves.

And the fence row didn’t just have edibles, we cut down 2 dead trees that were in the way and cut up a bit of firewood while we were at it.  There was enough to heat the house for a day or two from 2 small trees. They were so small that when we strung the string to make a straight fence line I could push the one over to get it out of my way.  I like to say I have the strength of 10 Grinches, plus 2 but this was still a small one if I could move an entire tree by myself.

When we were done I made sure I put the string back in the fence box.  We have a large plastic tote we bought years and years ago that holds all our fence building supplies.  Barbed fence staples, a level, hammer, fence tool, the shims for the fence stretchers, nails, insulators, wrap arounds and a few odds and ends live in the box along with the string.  It’s a huge help when we build fence to just grab one box and know we have everything.

Except this time.  No string. Took everything out of the box.  No string. Kyle and Tom looked, nope. Cleaned a bit of the shop looking.  Still no string. So we had to do what the fence box is supposed to eliminate; head to Big Box and buy string.  It was Sunday so heading to our local hardware wasn’t an option.

Our only explanation for the disappearance of the string is that the raccoons that live in the shop roof took the string and are having a craft party featuring macrame.  All their raccoon friends must have new pot hangers, hammocks and wall hangings. I took a picture to document I returned the string to the fence box once all the posts were in and we didn’t need it any longer.  But I’ll have to keep an eye on the raccoons. Candy

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