May 6th, 2019 — Earth Day

Earth Day

This is a week or two late but since the things we did for Earth Day will, hopefully, last for generations then I think we’re not too awfully tardy.

First up was transplanting the last of the Sugar Maples out of the garden into the sugar bush.  Which is a fancy name for the row of trees lining the lane to the back pastures. They’ll give us maple syrup and a shady place for the cows during heat waves.  Cows gain weight better when they’re not stressed by excessive heat, and no electricity needed to run fans.

Then onto our favorite farm store and their sale of fruit trees.  Two cherries, two peaches and a pear (partridge sold separately) went into the back yard.  Food from our yard with zero food miles.

Today’s contribution was installing the beehive.  Hopefully we got everything situated to the bee’s liking; we put it with a slight downward slope towards the door which is facing to the southeast.  The bees will be here tomorrow, installed on Saturday and then we leave them alone to acclimate and start to care for the queen for 7 days.

The bee yard was made with hog panels we have already repurposed several times, tied up with baler twine that would have gone into the trash.  The fence posts came from old fences we had to take down. I’ve already started hauling rocks to build a rock wall around the bee yard, it’ll look much nicer and will keep the cows from reaching over the hog panels to eat the grass.

Things we do all the time for Earth Day are not owning a clothes dryer, we haven’t had one in 8 years and hardly used the one we did own before that.  When we moved it wasn’t working very well so it went to the scrapper to be turned into something useful. So, did you notice that hanging on the clothes line are cloth napkins?  Another Earth Day contribution and I get bonus points with Martha Stewart for setting an elegant table. Presentation is everything!

The whites were washed in hot water, they just don’t come as clean in cold but the load of dark laundry did get washed in cold, with homemade laundry soap, the ingredients of which all come in cardboard or paper.  No plastic here.

I keep looking for new ways to save money, time, and energy, what are some of your favorites?  Candy


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