April 29th, 2019 — How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck…

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck…

This was our weekend, preparing for WINTER 2.0.  We had snow last night, at the end of April. I could understand snow on April 1st, but now?  Not so much.

I’m very pleased with what we accomplished this weekend, some years the woodshed isn’t this full at the start of winter, nevermind the end.  Having this much self-sufficiency stacked under cover is like money in the bank. I know that one tank of propane will last us for an entire year and I won’t have to strangle the budget to try and pry another tankful out of it.  Note to the people who called 4 times last week trying to lower our natural gas bill; we do not have natural gas. We have propane. P-R-O-P-A-N-E. And a full woodshed.

We had lots of trees cut already, they just refused to be split by hand.  Enormous hunks of ash I couldn’t lift without super powers fell to pieces with the aid of a hydraulic wood splitter.  For $80some dollars this little labor savor was ours from 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning until 8:00 a.m. Monday. Yesterday Tom and I worked out a system where I rolled them to the splitter, he steadied them on the seriously too small steel platform and I pulled the lever.  Try not to say Kronk when you read that.

The beauty of a full woodshed

If you’re the manufacturer of wood splitters please make a note, if a tree is too big to be split by hand and I need a hydraulic wood splitter then I need a platform big enough to hold that hunk of wood.  

We raced the weather and stacked three full truckloads under cover and delivered 500 pounds of hay to a neighbor before the rain set in for the rest of the day.

Today was easy by comparison, all that was left were the pieces in front of the woodshed and a few large branches that needed some chain sawing.  We were done by 10:30.

Two loads of laundry are hanging out on the line, I’m taking advantage of the only sunny day I might see for a week.  If you’re waiting for me to skirt you a fleece you’ve been waiting patiently for it’s going to be a bit longer, I like to leave them out on the skirting table for a day in the sun so I know when I weigh them they’re true weight and not a lot of water.

Dinner is sorted, I browned a huge soup bone on the woodstove and it’s simmering away with herbs, garlic, onion and carrots for beef and noodle soup.  Tonight I’ll throw in noodles made by an Amish neighbor to finish off the dish.

So I am at leisure for the rest of the day!  What was your weekend like? Candy


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