April 22nd, 2019 — Green Up

Green Up

By my calendar spring is here, it doesn’t matter what the official date is, for us it’s when the weather lets us work, so here’s how our spring is shaping up.

The cows and sheep are all up by the barn so the grass can get a start on them.  Once it’s 6 inches high and if you watch for a minute or two you can see it grow we’ll start them out on green stuff after we’ve filled them up with hay.  Having full bellies means they’ll eat less grass and lessens the chance of a stomach upset. And we’ll make sure hay is available to them for a few days so they can self regulate their intake of dry versus wet forage.

Bees are coming May 3, my anniversary, so I’m hoping they’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.  We still have to put the beehive together and settle on a place for them. We’ve tentatively decided on the lane, it’s easy to fence off their hive so the cows won’t knock it over, has trees for shade and would be sheltered from winter winds.  

The edges of the lane have been used for years to dump rocks from the fields.  We’ll put the bucket on the Bobcat, clear rocks from a likely looking spot and put the rocks where I’ve been trying to fill in the low spots on the lane ever since we’ve moved here.  If I can ever get above the spring water runoff we can order up a dump truck full of gravel to top off the rocks and have a dandy all weather lane to haul winter feed to the cows on.

Our favorite farm store had a nice selection of fruit trees coupled with a sale so we have peaches, pears and cherries waiting to be planted.  The last of the sugar maples being fostered in the garden have been transplanted out to the sugar bush. I might not be here when the trees are old enough for sugaring but they’ll provide for Kyle and Josh for decades.

The last of the winter work is splitting firewood.  The county, bless them, cleared dead trees from the edge of the road before they had a chance to fall in the road and piled those from our property for us to cut for firewood.  Right now they’re in the way of spring planting so we need to finish cutting them to length. Splitting them has been a problem, they refuse to cooperate so we’ll rent a wood splitter and make short work of them.  There should be enough for us to refill the woodshed and give us a huge head start on next fall’s work.

And lastly is our perennial work, fence building.  This year it’s Kimball’s turn, two sides are already done but the other two will make for a few long days of post hole digging, fence post pounding, fence stretching and gate hanging.  Since it’s a new field we’ll only give it a quick graze early in the season and a longer one during the summer slump to give the other pastures a chance to regrow.

This winter we’ll feed the cows hay on it to give it a good coating of manure along with organic matter from the hay, and a lot of dropped hay seed.  In a year or two as the old hay composts and the hay seed establishes itself the field will be transformed.

What does your spring cleaning list look like?  Candy

Easter Deviled Eggs

Makes six deviled eggs

Bring saucepan of water to a boil

Add three eggs to pan and boil 10 minutes

rinse in cold water and peel

Slice eggs in half lengthwise and remove yolks

Mash yolks up with a fork and add about 1 teaspoon spicy mustard (regular is fine too) and 1 Tablespoon mayo. More or lees to suit tastes and consistency desired. Season with salt, pepper, chili powder or dill.

Spoon mixture into egg whites and garnish with dill or paprika.



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