April 8th, 2019 — Shearing Day

Shearing Day

Yesterday was our third annual shearing day and everyone contributed to make it a perfect day.

The weather did it’s utmost for us, the weather report claimed it was the best day in 5 months and I believe it.  In past years it’s rained and blew and we’ve had to keep the barn doors closed. Which is not terribly welcoming, but this year was warm and sunny with a gentle breeze, I even got a bit of a sunburn.

Reporters from two newspapers were here asking lots of really great questions about farming, sheep and shearing in particular.

Marcus our shearer paced himself perfectly and finished the last of a dozen sheep spot on at noon, when we were scheduled to be done.

Cerin, our fluffy puppy looked adorable even at 160+ pounds and very tiny children were happy to pet him.

Professor, the barn cat who is extremely good at posing as a happy kitty didn’t actually bite anyone too hard when that was proved to be a big fat lie.  Remember, no matter how many times he tells you he loves to have his belly rubbed he’s really just setting you up for the kill.

One chicken escaped from the coop and set up shop to lay her daily egg right next to the shearing demonstration so a bonus dose of farm life.

Tea and cookies lasted just long enough that the Fed Ex delivery guy dropping off a wedding gift even got one.

Kyle posted event information on the sheep facebook page so we had a nice turnout of other sheep owners and had a great visit with them.

All in all it was a day worth all the preparation work that goes into it and I can’t wait until our Fall Festival when we get to welcome people again.


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