February 25th, 2019 — Sewing With …

Sewing with…

Not Nancy, although I could really use her help.  Kyle is getting married in April and of course needs a dress.  I’ve been hauling my wedding dress around through countless moves; even before I had a daughter it came along with us and found a place to live in hermetically sealed splendor until the day it was needed.

It’s a lucky dress, Tom and I have been married 38 years and counting so this dress is loaded with good karma.  It started when I bought it from a bridal shop going out of business, they only had a half dozen dresses left, this one was similar to the $800 model I had my heart set on but was a tiny fraction of the price.  It cost less than the picture hat I splurged on and fit perfectly, no alterations needed.

Tom and Candy on their wedding day May 1980

So less than 2 minutes after Kyle showed off the ring on her finger I was digging the box out from the back of the pantry.  Kyle had visions of it coming out of the box looking like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree but it stored beautifully. And it fits!  I can’t believe I was ever this tiny. If Kyle will add the picture I took you can see her smiling face wearing my dress.

Well, not.  She is less than thrilled to be revisiting 1980, so out came the seam ripper.  Off went lace, ruffles, the train, chiffon (I think that’s what the floaty outer layer is), sleeves-gone.  High collar? Banished. Zipper? Being replaced with buttons. I kept ripping until all that was left was a sleeveless, scoop necked dress with the train hacked off.

Now we start rebuilding.  Hemming was first and later today we’ll lay out the new chiffon (? I really need to find out what this stuff is besides scary expensive).  We’ll sew this by hand, no danger of the sewing machine bobbin acting up and ruining our work.

And then Kyle will be happy because her dress will look nothing like mine and I will be crying because my baby will be wearing my wedding dress on the happiest day of her life.

In other sewing news.  Kyle has been working on shawls for the bridesmaids.  Their dresses are origami puzzles where you can fashion them in any of a dozen different ways, most of them without backs.  Churches can be drafty so we thought shawls would cover the problem, literally. The fabric store didn’t have enough of any one bolt to make 3 but we found 3 completely different fabrics in the same colors that all coordinate so everyone will be different.  She has those finished.

We also picked up some fabric I love to make aprons for the people helping us with the cake and food.  They have scribble pictures of animals; so we’ve found a way to include them and a scribble border and if you look in the scribbles you can find the words ‘joy, happiness, love, kindness’.

Sneak Peak at some of the fabrics we are using.

All that’s left is the fabric to make table runners, those we can trust to the sewing machine and whip up in an afternoon.  

What’s the best thing you remember about your wedding day?  Candy

P.S. No recipe this week, things have been fairly busy here!


1 thought on “February 25th, 2019 — Sewing With …”

  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited for you all. A memory of my wedding, August 20, 1983, I cried all the way down the aisle! Tears of joy and nervous tears, too.😊
    Love to you All!


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