November 23rd, 2018 — Black Friday

Black Friday

This month’s Woman’s Day magazine has a cake on the cover that I would love to have the talent, skills and patience to recreate.  I was so busy looking at the bear, fox and owl that I almost missed the article called “Your Black Friday Game Plan.”

I didn’t bother to read it because I already have a Black Friday strategy in place.  My secret weapon for pain free bargains is farm stores. We are blessed with two farm stores, less than a mile apart.  And they very conveniently stagger their opening times so you can be among the first through the doors to snatch up treasures at unbelievable prices.  Twice.

I comb through the circulars looking for that perfect gift for the people on my list.  And myself. When Muck boots are at a great price we all get a new pair, whether we’ve worn through the current pair or not.  We will one day and boots that are hole free and warm are waiting to be donned.

But they don’t just have brown duck clothing, wellies and chicken feed.  Warm colorful pajamas and slippers, mittens and hats. Books and magazines, candy and nuts.  Car thingys that I’m sure do important things, just don’t ask me what. Christmas cards and decor, outdoor seating.  If you ask Santa for a log splitter or chain saw chances are he’ll make a stop at the farm store to pick one up.

Tom and I go in with our list and copy of the sale ads, grab the next priceless Christmas memory and head to Dutch Uncle Donuts for a breakfast treat.  We’re home well before sun-up and chores and feel very virtuous about sticking to our budget and getting everything done so quickly.

If you’re heading to the mall this Black Friday, I’ll think of you standing in line and missing out on that last parking spot.



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