October 8th, 2018 — Counting Down

Counting Down


If you come to our 1st Anniversary Fall Festival on Saturday, and honestly, why wouldn’t you?  I hope you see me looking calm, unruffled and totally capable of dealing with whatever last minute disasters unfold.


I’m still working on last minute things, I have one more colorway of confetti yarn to spin, we’re calling this one Willow Sunset, it’s spun with red, goldenrod and a pumpkin orange so it’s perfect fall colors.  The garden hasn’t been put to bed yet, it’s a work in progress. The chickens have been staying in their coop and attached yard since we power washed the inside of the barn, so I’ll give them a through shoveling out and a fresh bale of straw to scratch about.  



The weather has been calling for anything from 10% to 60% chance of rain so we’re ready for whatever we’re sent, just remember to bring a sweater because the temperatures are only supposed to be in the 50’s.  Perfect for picking your pumpkin and enjoying the fall colors but you’ll want an extra layer or two. And if you forget to bring one we have hand knit wool sweaters, scarves and socks in the shop, some made from my hand spun yarn.  Prefer to make your own? Plenty of hand spun yarn in natural colors and spun with dyed Merino.


Cooking hasn’t even started yet but we want the food we serve to be as fresh as possible so that’s on Friday’s list to accomplish.  I’m in charge of salads, Kyle has cakes covered and we’ll post Tom in front of the grill on the day.


I still have the house to clean, out of town friends will be staying with us and if I have it spotless for that day they’ll be living in the fantasy land where my windows sparkle, throw pillows are in a state of permanent fluffiness and my dishwasher doesn’t throw spots on the crystal.


I’ve talked to all our friends who will be here to share their creativity and they’re looking forward to seeing you as much as we all are.




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