September 24th, 2018 – End of Summer, Part 2

End of Summer, Part 2


So, summer is over and I get to relax the rest of the year, right?  Wrong. We just shift to other work. The list is endless and changes between when we think of what we want to accomplish for the day and walking out the door to start.


Hay baling is this weekend so that should be my big project but it accumulates smaller chores with it like a snowball rolling downhill.  Yesterday I paid bills and balanced checkbooks to clear the dining table off. This morning I washed dishes, tidied the kitchen and made macaroni salad with our eggs, pickles I made from cucumbers I grew and set out burger, brotts and buns to thaw.  Cooking once on the grill will feed us all weekend.


Baling also means other work won’t get done.  I won’t hang out laundry so next week all the laundry baskets will be overflowing and rain is predicted for Tuesday and Thursday so no washing those days.  Sweeping the floor will have to wait. Spinning yarn and my knitting projects are on hold. After lifting 800 bales of hay my hands will be on strike and will not hold knitting needles.  I will humor them for a few days and catch up on reading instead.


Then we still have to fill the woodshed, if the woodshed is full when it’s cold enough to light the stove then we will pretty much be set for winter.  We’ll still cut a truck load once a week to keep it from emptying so quickly but if bad weather keeps us from cutting firewood we won’t freeze.


And there’s always fence posts to plant.  Long field was finished but we still have Kimball and it’s 15 acres to work on.  Two sides are already fenced but the other two are long. Very long. And Kyle bought her first land, 12 acres next to ours that we’d at least like to get posts in the corners while the survey stakes are easy to find.  Then when we start fencing her field we’ll have a head start.


But the next few weeks will be getting ready for our Fall Festival to celebrate the first anniversary of our on farm shop.  Last year we had blustery wind and rain and stayed in the barn. This year we’re hoping we can spend some time outside on a beautiful Indian Summer sort of day but just in case we’ll sweep, tidy, wash and organize.  Either inside or out we’re hoping to see you on the day for lunch, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Mark October 13th on your calendar and plan on stopping by for a visit.


Macaroni Salad

2 cups pasta, cooked, drained and rinsed

2 hard boiled eggs

1 Tablespoon Mustard – We like the spicy kind but plain yellow mustard also works

¼ cup mayo to start

Couple of chopped pickles


Salt and pepper to taste


Boil pasta and two eggs according to directions, drain, rinse in cold water and place in a large bowl.

Peel eggs, chop and place in with pasta.

Mix remaining ingredients in. You may have to add more mayo and mustard for taste and consistency.

Garnish with paprika if you are feeling fancy.

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