Bonus Blog – This is Why

This is Why…


This is why I can’t have a schedule or a plan or even a clue most days.


Monday, the holiday, the cat started vomiting.  He managed to find every rug and when he ran out the end table was a suitable stand in.  We figured it was a hairball and gave him some vaseline to grease the skids, so to speak.  Tuesday still vomiting so we called the vet and they were wonderful about squeezing us in on an already crowded post holiday schedule.  Three hours, a complete blood work up, IV fluids and a shot for kitty nausea (who knew there was such a thing?) and a small wince from the credit card later Pumpkin was feeling much better.


Came home to a quick dinner of scraps (other wise known in our house as ‘survival of the fittest’) and Kyle and I headed out to the Dollar Duplicate Book Sale at the Book Nook.


Driving past our front pasture I see a cow laying by herself, it’s Ginger who we’ve been waiting to see snap.  She was the last one to calve and wasn’t in any particular hurry. Turn around, put on Muck boots and walk out to see what’s going on.  I just got a quick peek of hooves but not a clear enough view to see if they were right side up or upside down. This makes a big difference, right side up and you’re in position for a complication free birth, as long as the nose is correctly lined up between the forelegs.  Upside down and you’re a vet bill just waiting to happen. Upside down means the calf is backwards and you have 60 seconds or so to pull the calf once the hips clear mom’s pelvis and the umbilical cord is broken and brain damage starts from lack of oxygen.


Ginger didn’t much like us standing at a distance peering at her business end trying to see the hooves again.  She stopped contractions, got up and started grazing, just to prove there was nothing to see here. We left her alone so she’d get back to business and not delay birth any longer.   And the temptation to go have a quick look and stop her pushing again was too strong for us not to finish our errands. Change back into shoes suitable for town and on to book shopping.  We figured when we got back we’d either have a calf or a vet bill. Lots of terrific bargains later, Ginger had gone back to her contractual duties and had a lovely calf and was too busy cleaning it up to be bothered.


So we let her get on with things, she knows more about how to be a cow mom than I do.  We still haven’t gotten close enough to see if it’s a bull or heifer but the name Snap will work for either so Snap it is.


I think I tempted fate when I wrote I enjoy laundry.  Today’s batch of 


clothes turned into water pouring from the front of the washer.  One bucket and mop, 2 chamois, 2 more rags, the shop vac and a fan and we’re back in business but doing morning chores was delayed by the clean up.


Two days, 3 unexpected changes of plans and it isn’t even 9 a.m. yet.

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