August 13th, 2018 – Sit and Spin

Spinning yarn is one of those deceptively simple, pastoral looking things that you think you should take up as a hobby when you simplify your life in preparation for that move to the country where everything is serene and peaceful.


Until you try it.


Then it becomes a lesson in frustration, you do not have enough hands to do this!  How do those people manage? What are you doing wrong? Why aren’t there more swear words?  I’ve used all mine up! That was my first experience spinning yarn. And we’d already added the sheep to the farm and you have to do something with all that wool they insist on growing night and day so I was stuck with spinning yarn.

I kept at it, I’d ask people how long it took to get the hang of it and they’d say “about a sheep”.  Well I was on my second sheep and not feeling nearly as cool and competent as they looked. And then 9/11 happened and I would watch the news all day and spin.  I spun an entire sheep watching the news. And with my concentration on something other than how hard spinning was it finally became effortless, calming, peaceful.  The perfect antidote to the devastation I was watching.


Even today as I was plying confetti yarn I thought about the people of 9/11 and said a prayer for them and their families.


Note: when I use the phrase “spin a sheep” I’. referring to the wool gleaned when a sheep gets it’s annual haircut. No actual sheep were made dizzy by going for a ride on the spinning wheel.

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