July 30th, 2018 – Hay Baling

It’s summer and that means hay baling, we just finished putting up second cutting for the cows.  The last sixty bales we needed are either stowed in the loft, stacked on the barn floor or placed on pallets outside and neatly covered with tarps.  The smell of freshly baled hay is intoxicating, I’m not sure if it’s because I know the cows will have plenty to eat this winter without us having to source, haul and pay for additional stores of feed or if it just plain smells like heaven.

Round bales waiting in the hay field to be picked up

We still have one more field to bale in small square bales for the sheep, 300 of those will see us through until grass comes back next spring.  That’s about 3 wagon loads to take off the wagons, throw on a conveyor, take off (without pitching head first out of the loft) and tossing up on the stack.  It’s always done on the hottest, muggiest days of the summer and by the time you’re finished you’re black from the dust that sticks to the sweat that completely covers you.  Baling small square bales of hay needs to be done in long sleeves, long pants and work boots to add to the high temps but it’s the only way to keep your skin from being flayed to shreds by the coarse hay stalks poking out from the bales.


So if you see us unloading a wagon of hay stop by and have a good aerobic workout.

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