July 8th 2018 – This Week on the Farm is all about growing things.


This week on the farm is all about growing things.  The garden is blooming, we harvested our first green beans for Kyle’s birthday dinner.   Summer squash is on today’s menu and I’m eyeing the tomatoes trying to guess which will ripen first.  Lettuce and radishes need replanting this week,  both have bolted and gone to seed in the hot, dry weather.


Out in the fields our second cutting of hay has been cut and is drying in windrows waiting to be baled.  Fifty more of the 500 to 600 pound big round bales will give us the 250 we need to feed the cows through the winter.  As our pastures continue to improve we stockpile grass instead of hay to take care of our cows nutritional needs and reduce our dependence on baled hay and it’s added labor and costs.

In the barn the lambs have adjusted with a minimum of fuss to being weaned and will rejoin their mums in another week or two.

As always we will be in the shop Friday afternoon and Saturday morning or call us to set up a time that works for you.

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